We love working with brands who have a passion for smart design, bold creativity, and meaningful ideas. PLAN MEDIA creates effective and elegant brand design solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups to companies.

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L et’s explore the power of connected and dedicated efforts to GROW TOGETHER!

Interested in developing your career at Plan Media?
At Plan Media, we have a cooperative, realistic and fast-paced work culture. We're always eager to welcome brilliant people who are driven by out of the box thinking, along with having a ton of fun while they're at it. Our roots are digital, our passion is contagious, and our folks are just the best. Sounds fun? Come and Join the Plan Media family!

Explore Your Best with Plan Media
Envision yourself at Plan Media, where great minds are engrossed in the work that intends to make the world a better place to live. Plan Media values inquisitiveness, new concepts and unceasing novelty. Are you ready to be at the core of a worldwide connected team? We offer

an opportunity to you to explore your personal and professional best for you to thrive in life! Are you seeking a challenging as well as a fun-filled job? Plan Media is the right place for you! at Plan Media, you’ll get the opportunity to work with contemporaries and clients from across the globe. we promise you the chance to learn and grow, and explore new potentials. To accomplish ideal outcomes, collaboration – globally and internally, in the organization gives an upsurge to thought-provoking knowledge transfer as well as networking.

We believe in setting go-getting objectives that can only be attained with the best teams. That is why we focus on cultivating a working culture that is that encourages learning. If you are interested in creating a sustainable future along with working on your personal development, Plan Media the right place for you.

Secret to Success
We know that spot on working culture is crucial to nurture the best team. Wondering what the secret is? The following four approaches help us expand:
1. We bring like-minded and dynamic talent under one roof
2. We encourage our employees to bring out their unsurpassed excellence
3. We focus on the all-round development of our employees
4. We encourage creativity and innovativeness among our employees

Open Positions:
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