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We love working with brands who have a passion for smart design, bold creativity, and meaningful ideas. PLAN MEDIA creates effective and elegant brand design solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups to companies.

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Director's Message

what does your visual identity really say about you? Does it clearly communicate your brand promise and differentiate you from your competitors?

As the world is progressing with technological advancements, markets demand and audience is shifting. At Plan Media, our fundamental aim is always to maintain the momentum of growth by syncing our progress with the up to date trends in the market. We are not just a marketing and advertising company, but we are more than that. We realise the trust and faith with which our clients reach out to us and so, we know that we are their partners in growth. Managing customer’s expectations and creating brand strategies for our clients at the local and global arena are one of our prime fortes.

We, at Plan Media, understand the details of branding and positioning in the international market. Hence, this familiarity in the business helps us in generating and augmenting revenues for all our clients by ground-breaking and out of the box creative concepts. Such innovative thinking has helped us expand our reach to countries like India, Nigeria, USA, UAE and UK.

We all know that it’s not easy to become an asset for different marketing companies but with creative mindset and past experiences in Branding and Positioning, we help in increasing the visibility of many small and big industries and individuals at the international level. We believe in the concept of perseverance for any of our projects. You will always experience good and bad situations in life but how you deal with it is of utmost importance because winners don’t talk about bad situations, they deal with it. Hope you have a nice journey with Plan Media!

Huma Rizvi
Plan Media Private Limited